Big Brother: One Hour a Week Makes a BIG Difference

Dawson waited over two years to get a Big Brother. That's how long the average wait is for a boy in Surrey to get a Big Brother these days. But according to this fun-loving 12-year-old, it was definitely worth the wait.

Dawson and his Big Brother Jason both admit they were a bit nervous when they were first matched four months ago. That soon passed however, when they realized that they enjoyed the same activities.

The 20-year-old UBC engineering student says, "I didn't really know what to expect, but I was excited to try new things with my new Little Brother." Dawson agrees that one of the best parts about having a Big Brother is getting the chance to go places and do things he's never done before.

On their first outing, the Surrey-based pair went to watch the movie Spiderman 3 and then visited the Rainforest Reptile Refuge in South Surrey. They remember it being really hot and humid inside but also "pretty cool" to see the lizards and other creatures.

Since then, they have enjoyed many other fun activities together, like bowling, swimming and indoor wall climbing. According to Jason, his Little Brother "stormed up the wall on his first try".

One of their favourite times spent together was fishing at a local lake. It was Jason's first time and Dawson's second, so Dawson gave his Big Brother some pointers. Despite the much-needed advice, Jason managed to break his rod in half and neither of them caught a thing that day. That didn't discourage them though. They both agree, "Next time we'll use live bait instead of the smelly, stinky fake stuff."

After four months of fun and friendship, Dawson describes Jason as "fun, nice and sort of cool" and Jason describes his Little Brother as "active, fun to be around... and hungry." Their quirky answers make it pretty clear that these new pals have found a special type of friendship, and there's no stopping them now. "We'll just take life as it comes, and have fun hanging out together," Jason says.

What advice does Jason have for men who are thinking of becoming Big Brothers' "Just do it. It's a renowned organization and a flexible volunteer opportunity. You've got nothing to lose and a friend to gain."

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